Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Real Life

Thank you Glamour for showing us a beautiful real woman in page 194. Over 200,000 people have checked the story of Lizzi Miller, photographed by Walter Chin. Lizzi's even been on the Today Show. Given the great response, will we see more reality in magazines and less... glamour? Excuse the expression. I guess the magazine has shown that real people can be glamorous.

I hope all the magazine editors of the world are listening. Celebrity stories are not the only thing that sells magazines. Real stories sell magazines.

It's sad to see great stories not get published because magazines are afraid that they don't sell ads. Rob Haggart explains it best in his A Photo Editor blog, speaking of a story by Matt Mendelsohn, about Lindsay, who lost all four limbs fresh out of fashion school and now teaches fashion at Virginia Commonwealth University. He was moved to photograph her, even without an assignment, and couldn't get it published in print. Sportsshooter published it online here.

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