Friday, August 28, 2009

Theater is Dead?

Have you ever heard that Theater (Theatre) is dead? Natasha Tsakos doesn't think so. She loves theater and is making sure kids love it too. Check out her TED 15 minute presentation and performance, in which she mixes science and art.

"We're not here to question the possible, we're here to challenge the impossible. In the science of today, we become artists, in the art of today, we become scientists. We design our world, we invent possibility. We teach, touch and move. It's now that we can use the diversity of our talent to create intelligent, meaningful and extraordinary work. It's now." -Natasha Tsakos.

Photography is dead? Think again.

PS. Incidentally, I'm starting to collaborate on a play with my son's 5th-6th grade class. More to follow.

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