Thursday, September 17, 2009

Michelle Obama Superstar

In DC for less than a day, and I got to see Michelle Obama inaugurate the "Fresh Farms by the White House" farmers market, alongside USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty and other photo opportunists. She told us to "know our farmer." I was there covering the event for El Mundo newspaper in Spain.
I also witnessed the First Lady shopping for organic produce at the Sunnyside Farms stand. I was thrilled to find she brought her own basket!

I love tomatoes, but not necessarily cherry tomatoes (because the way the explode in the mouth when one bites them). Still, this photo makes me want to eat some.
I don't know if this photo will make Barack Obama want to eat beets. I love beets, but not our President. Pictured is Casey Gustowarow, from Sunnyside Farms. Casey crossed the USA on a bus, right after the last presidential election, asking for an organic farm in the White House.
Finally, I couldn't resist standing in the place where Michelle Obama had been just minutes before.
I'm posting more photos of DC in the Mercury Press archives. Correction, I posted the photos. You can go straight to them here.

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  1. These are fantastic! It's a beautiful tribute to an amazing moment in history, when the growing of food is something taken on with pride by the First Family, harking back to our common farmer roots.