Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Canon 7D announced

Is the Canon 7D my next camera?

Two newly posted items a the Canon site. The first Canon post talks extensively about the new auto focus features. What an improvement compared to my first digital camera, the Canon D60, which had an out-of focus system! The AF in the 60D wasn't that great either. This 18 megapixel camera is an improvement over the 50D, but the 60D name was taken already, so they went to 7D, rather than 70D. The price is supposed to be $1,699, according to PDN, and it will be available in September.

Some AF highlights are:

-New AF features similar to those in the 50D, plus a completely new option: single AF point of reduced dimensions.
-AF Point Expansion like the one that’s been available on EOS-1D series cameras.
-My favorite: Zone AF, not available in any SLR cameras before.
The second article summarizes the video capabilities, which are the most exciting, since the 7D fixes all the bugs of the 5D Mark II and adds some cool features. But notice that the 7D is not a 5D Mark II replacement, as the resolution is smaller and it's not a full frame camera; the sensor magnifies the image by a factor of 1.6x.
New EOS Movie features in the EOS 7D:  
New easy to find Start/Stop button for video recording. 
AF activated by shutter button (or by the rear button via customization menu) during video recording! 
Manual exposure control during video recording. 
Adjustable video frame rates at highest Full HD quality setting: 1920 x 1080 HD: 30 fps (actual 29.97 fps) or 24 fps (actual 23.976 fps); 25 fps in PAL. 
High-speed 60 fps recording at reduced resolution settings: 1280 x 720 HD and 640 x 480 standard def: 60 fps (actual 59.94 fps) or actual 50 fps (when set to PAL).
I will keep my ears open with my Canon insiders for release dates and pricing information.
Note to self, ask Canon for a pre-production 7D to be part of the development of the camera. Produce a video that makes more sense than Vincent Laforet's Reverie.


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