Monday, October 12, 2009

News from the Front

After going to Washington DC, and then Washington State, I'm heading to Washington Square (New York), with an interim trip to Marin, to cover the Bioneers conference, and a boomerang trip to New Hampshire to photograph a famous author (more details after publication of the assignment). The book publisher requested to my editor that I'd be the photographer. I'm very excited, and very nervous at the same time about being away from home for two weeks.

If you read my previous posts, you know about my meetings in DC, and my flight with Richard Bach. During our time in Washington, we also met with writers John deGraaf (founder of Take Back Your Time), Gordon Hempton (sound tracker and defendent of silent spaces) and Paul Stamets (mycologist and founder of Fungi Perfecti).

Gordon Hempton, author of One Square Inch of Silence.

Paul Stamets, author of Mycelium Running and other books.

John deGraaf, author of Afluenza, the All Consuming Epidemic

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