Friday, November 13, 2009

Reverend Billy for Mayor

It's been already more than two weeks since my trip to New York, and yet I've been so busy with assignments that I've left you hanging with no news. Here's one more portrait from my time there, which was published in El Mundo (here) on the eve of the election for New York City Mayor.

Reverend Billy invited us to watch a rehearsal for the choir of the Church of Life After Shopping the next day (website here). I would have liked to see the performance a few days later, but I was already back in Santa Barbara.

Since the last time I wrote, Yo Dona in Spain published my portrait of Annie Leonard, author of the story of stuff, and Integral (also from Spain, well Catalunya) published the portrait I took of Lester Brown during my visit to Washington, DC.

I will post some of these photos here, shortly, and others in the next version of the online portfolio here.

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