Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sylvia Earle and Google's Ed Lu

Thank you Sylvia for who you are and for your work in defense of Planet Water. I took a picture of your likeness, by Viktor, at Google last month. I hope to meet you in person and capture your personality in a photograph.

Sylvia Earle by Viktor. Photo ©Isaac Hernandez

I also photographed Ed Lu, who is working on a smart grid monitoring system at Google, for a story on Google's commitment to renewable energy, published in El Mundo in print, and digitally (here). 

Ed Lu, former astronaut, Director of Advanced Projects at Google. When I asked him what it felt like to be "on the top" of the most powerful company in the world, Ed raised his arms. Photo: ©Isaac Hernandez

If you haven't watched Sylvia, you must see one of these two videos, with Stephen Colbert (search for her on ColbertNation), or speaking at TED (search for her at

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