Monday, December 7, 2009

John Zerzan, Green Anarchist, and John de Graaf, Time Bandit

 John Zerzan, the Green Anarchist. Photo ©IsaacHernandez

A few months ago we were in Eugene, Oregon, to interview John Zerzan, the Green Anarchist (his website here). Carlos Fresneda, my editor, lets me ask questions during his interviews. I asked Zerzan, jokingly, how do anarchists make love. I thought he would come up with a funny answer to break stereotypes. Unfortunately, he didn't understand my question. Fortunately, Carlos came up with some better questions. You can read his interview, published in El Mundo printed newspaper, in their online version here. I may not always agree with Zerzan's views, but I can say he's a very sweet and thoughtful man.

John de Graaf, National Coordinator for Take Back Your Time. Photo ©IsaacHernandez

Carlos and I went Northwest again for a number of stories. I shared the preliminary portraits in this blog (here). Now you can see Carlos's story, published online by El Mundo here. John is another sweet and thoughtful man. It was really a pleasure meeting him in Seattle and then again at the Bioneers conference. John is a proponent of a 30-hour workweek and happier lives. The people of the US work more than any others in the world: 137 more hours than the Japanese, per year, and 499 more hours than the Germans. According the de Graaf, only four countries in the world don't recognize the right to a paid vacation: Burma, Nepal, the Guyanas and the USA. And only five don't defend the right to maternity leave: Lesotho, Swaziland, Liberia, Papua New Guinea and the USA. Food for thought. You can nib on more of these ideas at the Take Back Your Time website.

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