Sunday, January 10, 2010

Death Penalty story

I've never photographed in a jail, although I've always have wanted to.  The idea of dealing with the bureaucracy has stopped me from requesting access. Instead, I've written about the death penalty. A few years ago, I wrote a fascinating story about "The Last Meal", covering the strange passion that some people in the US have for knowing what prisoners order as their last meal. I will have to dig that story out and share it here. For now, you can read, in Spanish, the story that just got published about the American Law Institute removing the article on the death penalty from its book of law. They claimed that the death penalty hadn't passed the test of time. Here it is. I'm proud of it, especially of the headline, which is a bit difficult to translate to English. This is the closest interpretation: "Death Penalty Staggers". Did you know that in the 1700's there were studies that proved that the death penalty increased crime instead of reducing it? Did you know that the Supreme Court actually abolished capital punishment in 1972? This was definitely interesting to write. Enjoy.

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