Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More stories with photos

I took a few days off from writing to attend the magnificent Entertainment Gathering, a baby of the TED conference. It was amazing. I will be writing about it here and in the paper during the weeks to come. I didn't take a digital camera, but a Hasselblad and a Nikon FM2, loaded with color and black-and-white film respectively. In the meantime, El Mundo has been missing my stories and they asked me to start writing again. Following are two links to new stories, and one link to a story posted last week.

Binge drinking damages the brain in teenagers. Girls get affected in their ability to do math and boys in the ability to focus in one thing. Maybe I had just one drink too many.
Proposition 8 trial continues. The witnesses for the defense take the stand. Trial scheduled to end today, although the verdict won't be announced for several days.
The jaguar is now protected in the US, a bit too late for Macho B, the last jaguar known to roam in the US, who was killed by Arizona's Department of Game and Fish last march.
Direct Relief International has been sending continuous help to Haiti since 1985. I met with some volunteers at their headquarters in Santa Barbara.

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