Monday, January 4, 2010

Writing photographer

Pier 39 in San Francisco. Photo: ©Helena Hernández/

Sometimes, in order to sell a photo, you also have to have a story. Many times I have done both the job of a writer and photographer. Often, Nancy Black is my writer (see her page here). Almost always, Nancy is my editor. Always, Nancy is my wife.

Last night, I wrote a story, published today in El Mundo (see here), about the exodus of sea lions from San Francisco's Pier 39. In one week, the number of animals went from 921 to 20.

This time, I was the writer, and my sister Helena was the photographer! I'm so happy for my sister. I requested for the newspaper editor to add her name to the credit. As of now, it only shows the name of our agency, MercuryPress.

It's perhaps appropriate that I sold my Canon 5D to a friend that needed one to go to Peru, so right now I'm digital camera-less. I plan to use my Hasselblad and Leica M6 with film until I'm ready for the Canon 5D Mark II; maybe it will be next week... maybe the 5D Mark III will be out.

I guess I will be doing more writing until then. In fact, I wrote a play over the holidays, which I'm producing and directing. Mark your calendars: March 25, 2010, La Colina Auditorium. And I'm co-writing a book with my portraits of environmental leaders.

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