Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is video the future of photojournalism? Does photojournalism have a future?

With video being all the rage on the World Wide Web, editors are asking for moving pictures. I've done quite a few of them, which you can see in my YouTube channel. For the most part, editors don't want to pay very much for them, and sometimes they even want them for free, because "we're not making money on the Internet"! My response? "I tried that with the camera store, but they wouldn't give me the camera for free because I don't make money from the Internet..."

It feels great to put into good use my talents as an film editor (I can finally start paying for my film schooling). Below is the latest act of personal magic: making a 10 minute video from a symposium that lasted five times as long. Jay Farbman, a great photographer, and I worked two cameras for a longer version that will appear on Channel 21, where I once was featured as a photographer for the project Difference Makers. The client, Antioch University Santa Barbara, is very happy with the results.

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