Friday, March 5, 2010

Latest publications

Dear Diary,

I have been busy with the directing of The Last Play On Earth, however this is what I've published since the last time we talked, starting from the newest:


Hobart Shakespeareans and education. This is my favorite blog entry so far. From now on, I'm going to write from a "providing solutions" perspective.
Johnny Depp asks for a new trial for the West Memphis Three. This blog was a transition.
Story on discrimination toward Spanish, and towards the different ones. This is my least favorite blog. Yes, I got 50 comments, but I wanted to promote understanding between cultures, and I got some responses of hatred. I learnt the lesson, though. If you want to promote the positive, write positively.

"Remembering Luis Leal" will be on print in Aurora Boreal, but you can also see it in Aurora Boreal Online
Luis Leal in El Mundo printed edition (see above)
March for Education. This one with photos and video. The first time I post my own personal video to elmundo.
Will the next big earthquake hit Oregon?
An unbelievable parody of Pat Robertson is almost believable.
Oliver Stone's documentary on Hugo Chavez at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
ACLU lawsuit against TSA for arresting a student at airport security without reading him his rights or telling him why he was being arrested, other than they didn't like that he had Arabic flash cards.

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